As you wait for your permanent dental crown to be created, it’s important that you care for your temporary crown so you don’t run into any problems. Temporary crowns aren’t quite as strong and stable as you think they are, so we recommend doing the following things to keep it in top-notch condition:

· Avoid sticky and chewy foods, like caramel, gum, and hot tamales, because they tend to cling to your dental crown and pull it out of place.

· Do your best to shift the bulk of your chewing to the opposite side of your mouth. Chewing could wear your crown out and can also damage it.

· Avoid eating hard foods that could knock the crown out of place or possibly crack or break it.

· When you floss, slide the string out from the crevice between your teeth instead of pulling it out. Pulling the floss out could result in the removal of the crown because it could easily catch the edge and pull it out of place.

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