While you may think that regular, bi-annual dental hygiene appointments are unnecessary, they are vital to your health. You do a great job brushing and flossing at home, but it is not enough. If you are skipping out on cleanings, you are skipping out on your health. At your cleaning, your dental hygienist and dentist will:

1. Check for oral cancer. Early detection of oral cancer is crucial. During your cleanings, we will check for any lumps.
2. Prevent Gum Disease. Regular professional cleanings help to prevent gum disease, which can lead to bone loss if left untreated.
3. Prevent Cavities. Plaque is the leading cause of cavities. Your dental hygienist will remove more plaque and tartar than you are able to at home.
4. Whiten Your Smile. Professional tools will better remove stubborn stains and leave you with a fresh, and polished smile.
5. Freshen Your Breath. Plaque and Food particles can lead to bad breath. Professional cleanings help to remove more residue than brushing and flossing.
6. Save You Money. Taking preventative measures, such as regular cleanings, exams, and xrays will help you save major bucks. By finding and treating issues early on, you are less likely to need more extensive, and expensive, treatments.

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