Twice a day you attack the plaque building on your teeth by ferociously scrubbing it away. But while it is good to brush your teeth, it is not good to ferociously scrub them. Here are a few common myths about how to brush your teeth.

The Harder the Better

Most people think that scrubbing their teeth as hard as they can is the best way to aid their dental health. However, using too much force to brush your teeth can actually wear down tooth enamel and increases the risk of gingival recession. You are actually supposed to brush your teeth gently for two minutes’ time.

Hard Bristles

Again, you would think that a toothbrush with hard bristles is the best way to go. But this is a big no for the same reasons you shouldn’t scrub your teeth hard. A toothbrush with soft to medium bristles is recommended.

Get a Grip

Often the handle on you average commercial toothbrush will have ridges where you can wrap all of your fingers around. However, holding a toothbrush like this makes it more likely that you will put too much pressure on your teeth. Instead, try holding your toothbrush like you would a pencil, with a thumb and forefinger. This technique will help you brush your teeth more gently.

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