One of the most refreshing things about summertime is all the delicious and nutritious seasonal fruits. During your next trip to pick up fresh produce, consider choosing these three fruits that offer exceptional oral health benefits- on top of being tasty! While they are great staples to have on hand, they can be perfect additions to recipes, such as fruit salads and yogurts.

  1. Strawberries: This may very well be the most popular and widely consumed berry. Tart, yet sweet, strawberries carry plenty of punch. They contain malic acid, a natural whitener. They are also high in vitamin C, which strengths and protects your gums. Concerned about the health of your gums? Strawberries can help!
  2. Peaches: Beautifully colored, and a twist between tangy and sweet, peaches are a juicy treat. Peaches are packed with minerals such as potassium, fluoride and iron. This delicious fruit can help prevent cavities, as well as fight inflammation. Looking to strengthen your teeth? Try eating more peaches!
  3. Watermelons: Let’s just say watermelons are the “super fruit” of oral health. Fruits full of fiber, like watermelon and apples, act as a natural toothbrush that scrub your teeth while you chew. The vitamins found in watermelon help to promote strong bones and healthy gums. Watermelon is also 90% water, making it perfect to hydrate your teeth and wash away food particles. Looking for an all-around great choice? Watermelon is the way to go.


We hope that your summer is packed full of sunshine, time with loved ones and plenty of SMILES!!

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