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Dr. Garner pulled one of my wisdom teeth last week. I was so nervous, but they made me feel comfortable. He did an amazing job. It healed perfectly. The staff were all so nice and professional. Will continue to go here for my dental needs.
Krystal Kiesau
14:12 08 Feb 17
Awesome job on the teeth cleaning and dental work! It was a great experience I'm not scared of the dentist anymore.
ra ha
18:37 16 Nov 16
The best dental experience! The staff was excellent, very helpful and down to earth. Dr. Garner is the best hands down. I could go on about such a great experience i had here. I travel all the way from Baldwin County, AL due to great prices and the staff. If you are looking for a dentist I recommend Dr. Garner and his staff, I promise you wont regret it!!! =)))
Samantha Lewis
14:33 29 Apr 15
Dr. Garner and the rest of the clinic are so wonderful! Very professional but very homey! Trustworthy dentist and staff that won't let you without a smile! Highly recommend!
Dakota Weathers
20:18 16 Sep 15
Love this office. The staff here is amazing. You are able to make same day appointments with no hassle. Dr. Garner is soo warming and caring. Never wants a patient to hurt.
Tabatha Kincke
19:17 12 Feb 15
Dr Gardner was Awsome. Dental work is uncomfortable. But Dr Gardner is God sent. The staff held my hand through it all. I will go back and recomend everyone. Renee Cumbie
Rene Cumbie
20:18 17 Aug 17
I recommended this Dentist to all my friends and family. They have a great staff and Dental assistants and they are will do great things work. But I give the staff 5 Stars and keep up the good work 🙂
Matt Buchanan
16:26 14 Oct 17
I highly recommend this clinic! The staff is so wonderful and they value comfortable, and quality, dental care. Thank you!
Sharley Hamm
18:32 12 Feb 18
Dr. Blackmon & Dr. Garner are very good!! They are very compassionate and really listen to what you have to say, and take your dental issues and pain seriously!
Crystal Davis
15:18 07 Aug 18
The whole staff is marvelous at Gautier family dental. An Dr. Blackman is amazing she makes you feel comfortable when she does any work on you, I will definitely continue my dental care here and my son and boyfriend go here for their dental care also.
willete dixon
19:59 09 Aug 18
Since moving back to the coast. Looking for a family oriented dentist was hard until I found Gautier Family Dental ! Best choice!!Love love this Dental office! The ladies are so sweet! They definitely make you feel comfortably at ease going to a Dentist!
Jeannie Trochesset
19:09 28 Aug 18
They were AMAZING. Speedy service and their staff was EXTREMELY nice. I will be visiting again in the near future.
Shaela Reid
15:49 07 Sep 18
Great Place... Awesome staff
Andrea Mosley
14:55 07 Sep 18
They always go above and beyond to help me when ever I have a dental issue that needs to be resolved! Everyone works as a team. Which makes for an excellent visit.
18:14 11 Sep 18
Always great professional group will except you on an emergency situation the same day not a week later. Willing to work with you when you can’t pay all the money at once. Love this group
Janice Brannan
16:30 21 Sep 18
Excellent treatment by everyone there! Every time! Such thoughtful folks...
Anne Tanner
16:42 21 Sep 18
Have been with Dr. Winn for 25+ years. Never had a problem. Always good experience. They always accommodate my needs. The entire staff is so nice and helpful.
Shelia Matthews
15:20 02 Oct 18
The best dental office I’ve been to in years. All of the staff is friendly and helpful! Dr. Winn makes is a great dentist!
Candice Cates
20:56 02 Oct 18
Dr. Blackman is awesome!! The girls up front are so nice! Everything from the time you call and set up your appt to the time you leave is a great experience.
Layna Marie
15:13 02 Oct 18
Had a very wonderful visit for a cleaning! Eventhough I arrived early, I didn't have to wait long. The staff is friendly and everything was awesome! Will return every time.
Mitch Ellerby
15:04 04 Oct 18
Was able to get a quick appointment for a broken tooth. Dr Megan did a great job making the experience as pain free as possible, and I am normally a wimp with tooth pain. Wonderful follow up texts to make sure I was doing well. Friendly staff, affordable prices, caring Dr, and very understanding of an anxious dentist fearing patient.
Candy N Austin Tiedt
17:24 09 Oct 18
Love Dr. Garner!! Changed to him from a dentist I was with for 10 years. I was so scared at first, but they make you feel comfortable. Love that I get a huge discount with my Ingalls insurance.
Jennifer Dawn
15:26 09 Oct 18
The Doctors and staff are amazing. Extermly Professional.They make sure you are comfortable and very well taken care of. I highly recommend this dentist office.
Patricia Mitchem
16:31 17 Oct 18
Love all the friendly ladies there and Dr. Garner! I’ve been going to him for years and couldn’t imaging going to another! Highly recommend to anyone who may have a fear of the dentist like me! They know how to take care of you and help ease the nerves.
Peri Leigh
00:41 19 Oct 18
Lots of people don't like to go to a dental clinic. I don't mind because everyone at this office makes you feel so comfortable. Check them out. I’m really bad with my English and they have a girl who speaks Spanish and she really help me out a lot. Usually when I leave a dental office I have no idea what they said but their I felt like family. Amazing staff
Mariangelit Ortiz
00:22 20 Oct 18
I’ve been bringing my grandkids here for their last few check ups. Dr. Megan is so great with kids. The girls in the office are awesome. The lady who cleaned their teeth wasn’t so patient and let me be in the room and educated up both.
Peyton Hyde
12:06 30 Oct 18
Took my 3 grandsons for their first visit here. Dr Garner and his staff were so nice and very focused on each individual child. My grandsons loved it and can't wait to go back. Thank yall for making my grandsons comfortable and at ease with a new place they loved yall. Would highly recommend if you are looking for a dentist.
dana mcqueen
15:33 21 Nov 18
Very nice and prompt staff. It means alot for a dentist office to have a happy vibe because i dont think most patients want to be there. Will recommend.
BigdaddyP bryant
16:59 28 Mar 19
Some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Went in their office hurting and they took me straight back and started looking for the problem. Once they found it dr. Garner told me my options and went right to work. Highly recommend these guys for any dental work to be done. I'm definitely going back.
Brian Massengale
16:47 05 Apr 19
I was able to schedule an appointment within a weeks time. I really loved the fact that when they called to confirm they asked if I would like to come in sooner than my scheduled time. Dr. Garner is fast and a lifesaver 🙌🏾 Brittany is an amazing assistant & was such a sweetheart ❤️
18:50 10 Apr 19
This is regarding Lake Garner DMD. Not the other dentist working here.. I never saw him.Should have written this a long time ago but now I’m paying for the dentist’s mistake. I came in to get a crown around 3 years or so ago. I have guardian insurance, which is not great, and makes it extremely difficult to get crown work done. The dentist was in a rush and aggravated attempting to get the crown in because it was a tight fit and made a rude comment to me after getting it to set in. He was trying to get floss in between the tooth and was struggling because the fit was so tight he said, “Well, it’ll be hard to floss because it’s so tight but your generation doesn’t really believe in flossing anyways.” He was not a compassionate person, not empathetic, and really needs to work on his interpersonal skills. I would go so far to say that his personality and character is sterile to the point that he seems artificial.Fast forward to the present now my crown is not seated correctly and has a break in its seal on the outside (closest to the mouths interior wall) that has caused decay. I have to get this fixed but guardians policy is that the crown can not have ANY work done for 10 years and everything before 10 years is out of pocket.My trip to a Dentist that actually cares about my well being is going to end up costing me 1150, as if I didn’t have insurance at all.So kudos to you Gautier Dental and to you Guardian insurance. I’ll end up dropping them and never visiting this place again.
Balakay Okay?
21:09 05 Jun 19
Professional service, awesome personality and great,clean environment. Thanks Dr. Garner & staff. Gregory Mills
Gregory Mills
17:02 06 Jun 19
Cannot say enough good things about this office!!!!! They have been so nice and understanding!!!!! I was walking through Walmart with my cousin and tripped and fell about five years ago. I didn’t think much of it.Fast forward to now, my two front teeth are lose and need to come out and were causing me so much pain. My only regret is not coming to see Dr. Lake sooner. I am in temps right now, and let me tell you how nice they are! I can't wait for the final crowns!!! Will post pictures when complete!It would have been easy for them to judge me, because honestly, I looked like a crazy person. I feel one thousand percent better. I was so afraid and they eased my nerves. So shout out to the girls and Dr. Lake for giving me confidence back!!!! You are a miracle worker!!!!!!
Marcus DeManns
14:58 12 Jun 19
Where to even begin?First I want to thank the entire staff at Gautier Family Dental. They have maintained professionalism throughout this entire process. It has been a little lengthy, but so worth it. Thank goodness for them being so flexible! I work 40+ hours a week and they somehow find a way to get me one the schedule and I love that! I came to them with so many dental problems. I had not been to the dentist since before Hurricane Katrina. I initially had a toothache and saw Dr. Lake Garner. He ended up evaluating my entire mouth and giving me some long term options for this disaster. They took a full set of x-rays and got the most out of my insurance without me paying anything. – HUGE PLUS FOR ME. The girls up front gave me a treatment plan with prices and went over everything. She showed me how to maximize my benefits and get the best deal. I left knowing exactly what to expect at the next couple of visits and what I was going to pay. –This is such a big deal for me. In the past, this was an issue with my previous dentist. I won’t go into that though. I also saw Dr. Frank for a cleaning and checkup. He was so nice and welcoming, with a big smile on his face. The girl who cleaned my teeth was so gentle and light handed. I highly recommend them for all dental needs. At the very least I am impressed. I feel “at home” as soon as I walk through the doors. I used to feel anxious, now it’s like visiting friends. You can really feel how much they care for their patients. I cannot say this enough. I am now proud of my smile and overall oral health. Thank you guys so much for all you have done for me. I will continue to recommend my friends and family to your dental office.
Sarah Kinney
15:36 12 Jun 19
I gave them 5 stars, but that's not enough . I was processed in early and the staff wasn't just kind, but loving. They made sure that I understood the procedure and that I was completely comfortable. Thank you Gautier Family .Dentistry
Leatrice Triplett
17:55 12 Jun 19
Dr. Garner and the Gautier Family Dentist did an Excellent job as usall. I tell you That Dr.Garner is soo gifted with his hands .Thank You Family
Marion Roane
20:38 19 Jun 19
Dr. Garner seems to me to like money and procedures he doesn’t need to be preforming on patients for money. His staff is wonderful, but he himself, rough physically and verbally with patients and I’ve heard it every appointment I’ve had, and from others who have seen him. I was told I had 9 cavities, I’m pregnant, and tried to rush me to get a root canal on one of them. I felt weird about it and went to a different dentist and got a second opinion? No cavities. And no need for a root canal. He tried to get me out of money, and drill into a perfectly healthy tooth.
Savanna Habighurst
21:08 25 Jul 19
I have had some very bad experiences with dentists in the past, BUT this dentist is AMAZING! He did a great job, and his staff went above and beyond all my expectations.
Jennifer Fisher
21:20 31 Jul 19
Would definitely recommend! Great staff and Dr. Garner is awesome with his work.
Sherry Marie
21:27 07 Aug 19
We have enjoyed having Gautier Family Dental Care providing us dental care for as many years as they have owned the practice! Dr. Lake Gardner and his staff are always friendly and ready to jump right in with whatever dental need you might encounter. Fillings, crowns, implant completions, as well as regular oral hygiene, this is the dental clinic for you. Even pediatric dental care can be done here. I’ve personally witnessed (heard) Dr Gardner’s patience with young afraid kiddos in his chair!Dr Gardner also gives back to our community by making donations to JCAS, as well as donations to our Gautier Mullet Fest!Give them a try, you will love it!
13:28 27 Aug 19
They have been such a huge help! Got me in when no one could. Charged very fair prices for me not having any insurance and were very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them!
Daniel Reid
17:39 11 Sep 19
Very caring staff and dentist. If I had a dentist like them as a kid I might not hate the dentist as much as I do
Lindsay Rector
21:40 18 Sep 19
This place is absolutely amazing and the staff is so friendly, welcoming, and caring. I feel like i'm apart of their family when i'm there. They helped fixed a problem that aspen dental created. Gautier family dental is my new dentist. I will go here for now on. I just want to thank the staff for their amazing, hard work and helping me out!♥️
Melinda Brown
19:34 09 Oct 19
When you first walk in the room they greet you with a smile and you don't have to Waite long at all when they take you in the back you get such good care they are so sweet they explained everything to you what's. Going to be be done and everything they make you feel confortable and they show you they care. And before you leave they say they will check up on you to see how you are doing I like that
Patricia Parker
17:40 30 Oct 19
In 2014, I moved to PRC to care for my elderly mother. Shortly after she passed away, I returned to Jackson County and found my former dentist, Alan Ezell, was now in Jackson. I had a dental emergency, and Gautier Dental replied to my text that evening and worked me in the next morning. I have been going to them since that time and will gladly recommend them to all my friends and family. Dr. Winn is awesome, and the staff is so efficient, welcoming and helpful.
22:42 10 Dec 19
They were able to get myself and husband in due to cancellation and dentist and staff extremely friendly and helpful.
Virginia Farver
21:07 22 Jan 20
Absolutely blown away how amazing Gautier Family Dental was with helping me get back on track with my oral health. I was very nervous and literally everyone was reassuring! Dentist was awesome, very thorough and patient. I never imagined I'd walk away this happy and confident about a visit to the dentist office!
Nichol Thornton
02:45 28 Jan 20
i had a AWESOME experience. the staff is nice and they make you feel like home. the assistant Ms. Braelynn talked me through everything and made me feel comfortable.
Jordan Creswell
19:51 10 Mar 20
Gautier Family Dental is the best dentist in Gautier! Everyone is always so nice, Dr. Garner & his assistant Braelynn are the best & take good care of me every time!
Caitlynn Malone
19:31 10 Mar 20
Meeting the staff here has been life changing. I have a dental team for life and will continue to recommend them to future patients.
Jamie Peden
21:47 10 Mar 20
So. I will start with cristy is the most awesome dental hygienist ever. So though. So polite. So kind. I left with a literal new smile!!! I have been shouting from the roof top this is the place to go. And Kristy with a K was so great at explaining our insurance benefits. So thankful and confident in there care level. Next my husband went to one dentist that totally dropped the ball in my opinion. He needed a deep root cleaning since he had bad build up. Went in and same day they started his treatment!! Now we’re on a good start to a healthy smile. Everyone was a class A act. Got some nitrous gas and was all smiles. Thanks again!!!!!!! Can’t wait for my next cavity filling and getting my pretty new crown. 🙂
Zoey Newkirk
21:51 18 Mar 20
My daughter saw Dr Lake Garner today . I can’t express how wonderful he and his staff are.From the first phone call with Crystal making her appointment to the care he and Mayra gave . This team is first class all of the way! We felt we had known him and his staff for years . Donna McBroom
Donna McBroom
02:01 09 Jul 20
I visited the office on Monday and received my treatment professionally they are very nice and everything is clean and neat
Pablo Martinez
10:37 08 Oct 20
They were wonderful! Brought my 6 year old, Dr. Garner was great with him. Would definitely recommend to anyone. ❤️
Carmen Potts
19:52 07 Oct 20
Such a friendly, helpful staff !! The dentists themselves are very courteous and informative.I am a loyal customer, and wouldn't consider changing dental clinics.
adrianne ribbeck
19:10 06 Jan 21
Excellent dental practice. I am very happy with the work I have had done over the time I have been using this dental practice.
Bobbie Wilkerson
22:11 06 Jan 21
Very nice people, they will take care of you well!
Jeff Robinson
22:27 21 Jan 21
First time visiting & the staff was AMAZING! Very friendly & informative. We came to have 2 teeth removed and we have no complaints, office is very clean and comforting staff. We will be making this our new dentist office. Thank you for everything.-D. Russell
Candace A
16:57 27 Jan 21
The Gautier Family Dental Care is the best on the Gulf Coast. The staff working there not only take great of you, but make you feel like family when you walk in. I would say they are the best in the country, but I will never try anyone else.
H. Rose
21:15 02 Feb 21
I haven’t been to the dentist in yearsssss my first time being back at the dentist was a breeze the staff is WONDERFUL, SWEET , CARING !! All of the above and then some . I was scared but they made me feel very comfortable !! If I could go back tomorrow & the day after that I would. They Presence was AWESOME THE ENVIRONMENT WAS AWESOME. If can give this review 20 stars I would !! They are awesome !!! I love them ❤️ Great Job Gautier Family Dental !!
Devin Millender
17:33 03 Feb 21
Everyone was so very nice and worked to make sure I was not feeling any pain. They did great. I will definitely be back.
Patsy Clark
18:36 03 Feb 21
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